Bullsimple Website Redesign

Times they are a changing, and so is the Bullsimple website. The focus of my business has evolved from an on-set art director/prop master, to pre-visualization services, namely visual research and the creation of  visual treatments. My father was a visionary, a bit unlucky and often ahead of his time. He started a real estate company in the early 1960s and had a fleet of Volkswagen bugs, each equipped with a CB radio and an Andy Lucas Realty logo on the door. This was before there were any national real estate firms like ReMax or Century 21, and, of course, way before cell phones. Unfortunately, he was unable to stick it out and moved on to another profession. I have been fortunate to adapt my career within the film industry over the years. Having spent years on set as either an art director or prop master has been a great asset. When I pull visuals and create boards for directors and production agencies, I have an understanding of what is realistic. Knowing camera moves, set-ups, and lighting styles is also a great help. I also know the intense work ethic and demands of film production. So much of what we do depends on finding the balance of doing the best job possible and doing so within a tight and often insane deadline. I am fortunate to work with some of the best directors in the business. I applaud their ability to multitask—focus on a film shoot, then during a break, study an agency board, engage in a conference call, then work on their pitches and directors’ treatments, then return to the demands of the set. I may never have a fleet of Volkswagens, but I am happy to be engaged in a creative and always exciting field. The goal of this new website is to showcase the projects in which I have contributed.